Bathrooms countertops, like kitchen countertops, generally see a lot of use and come in contact with a number of substances such as soap, toothpaste and cosmetics. As with kitchens, selecting the right stone for your bathroom depends on your personal aesthetic and tolerance for stone maintenance.

When selecting a kitchen countertop there are several things you should consider. Natural stone, while durable and quite heat tolerant, does require some periodic maintenance to protect it and preserve its beauty (please see our Stone Care page for more information).

Some of the more porous stones such as marble can potentially stain and are prone to etching. Some people love the ‘lived-in’ patina this daily use creates. Others prefer their countertops to maintain a more ‘polished’ look. Your choice of stone should be based on your personal style, taste, preference for ‘lived-in’ versus ‘new looking,’ and maintenance tolerance.

Regardless of your taste and preferences, our creative team will help you choose just the right stone or quartz countertop that will meld seamlessly into its surroundings, function perfectly and look beautiful for decades.


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