Natural Stone

We have an outstanding selection of natural stone slabs in granite, marble, travertine, limestone, soapstone, sandstone and onyx.

Some things to consider when choosing natural stone


The density of granite makes it the most durable of natural stones. Granite’s density allows it to hold its polish longer, making it a favorite choice for countertops. It is also known for its heat resistance. It is vulnerable, however, to oil spills and can discolor and stain if not sealed correctly. With the correct sealer and conscientious care your natural stone countertop will give you years of enjoyment. For information on caring for your granite countertop please see our Stone Care page.


Marble, softer than granite, is vulnerable when not sealed properly to etching and staining. Even a well-sealed marble countertop is subject to etching due to contact with an acidic substance such as fruit juice, coffee, wine or vinegar. For many, these minor drawbacksare are insignificant when compared to the natural beauty of marble, which continues to be a popular choice for stone for countertops. To learn how to care for marble please see our Stone Care page.

Other Porous Stones

Limestone, travertine, terrazzo, satillo pavers and slate are additional porous stones used in various interior designs. Like marble, they are subject to etching due to spills of acidic liquids or substances. However, with the correct sealant and quick action when spills occur, these types of stone can also provide years of beauty and enjoyment. For information on care and maintenance of porous stone please see our Stone Care page.

Our creative team will work with you to select the right type of natural stone, color and veining or ‘grain’ for your project and taste. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for on-site, we invite you to browse our stone suppliers’ websites and warehouses.


Natural Stone Suppliers